Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sunspots Palms and Graffiti


 you tell me..

  Looking into Palm

                                                                 The Heart of a Tree

the old creates the new
the seed the root the branch are one
& you are one too

all are given to the young
the trees just begun
& the most true

just for fun
neither moon nor sun

"Let's Make Beauty Famous"
"Fun is Where You Find It"

All natural Big Island photography
by Ron Holiday Broomell
aka the Old Grey Heron in Hilo

"we will sing a new beginning.."

Happy Trails and Good Visions

and Old News:

jamming with the magi
wise man blues

Monday, May 26, 2014

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Whatever

Through textured glass
a palette of man-made colors

I see lava flowing to the ocean..
i also see an eskimo
with a pink parka
cooking a fish on a fire
under the northern lights..

I paint with these
even still in the tubes

Gabriel made the clay pot
and the paints are from a yard sale

Through textured glass
there seems to be a color co-operation

"I'd like to tell my story
Said one of them so young and bold..
 I'd like to tell my story
 Before I turn into gold.."
                 (Leonard Cohen, "Lonesome Heroes")

  abstract realism, realistic abstraction, 
                                     wordstream, photodream


"..and who by fire?  who by water? "

("I stepped into an AVALANCHE,
It covered up my soul..
When I am not this hunchback that you see
 I sleep beneath the golden hill..")

Well this first "Abstraction" has turned into
something i never expected;  Leonard weaves his way into everything

and to keep it abstract i'll have to take a lot more pictures
since most of the archives are basically realistic

 Just looking for a way to branch out
combining wordstreams and images
without explanations or apologies 

From the Old Grey Heron in Hilo
to the Wonderful World out there..

ALOHA and Happy Trails Always ~